About the shop

WeeabooUSA was created to bring quality licensed figurines to the public for affordable prices. We started out as a teeny tiny little booth selling anime keychains at local conventions and steadily grew in size. Now we specialize in new and used figurines, plushies, keychains, pins, doujin, and various other goods.

WeeabooUSA was started by a very hard working young lady in 2015, she recruited her spouse about a year later and since then they have been travelling the east coast, bringing busty anime babes to the public for prices they can afford. With much pushing and prodding, we now have a website which will make things easier and will promote our steadily growing business.

About the shopkeepers


brianna is a normal everyday working woman who has a knack for business and an unstoppable love for a certain buff sakura.


kanji is brianna’s loving spouse who happens to like art and helping out at conventions.