Are these all LICENSED products?

Yes, everything we sell on the site except for the things in Kanji’s Art Corner are Licensed Merchandise. If you would like to search for certain brands like Banpresto or SEGA every Figure is tagged with the company that produces it.

Why are some of the items marked used?

Some of the items have had previous owners, most of which do not keep the boxes, so, we have marked them as such and will note any and all damage to the product in the description. We do not take any responsibility for you receiving a damaged good if the damage has already been listed in the description. Any item marked as used can be expected to have very minor scuffs and may be dusty. Most things can be fixed very easily. Please check out our Figure Care and Repair Page for more details on how to refurbish and or take care of your figurines.

Why is this character worth more than this other character from the same series?

It’s called Character Tax. If someone is super popular, it is hard for us to get a hold of them for a reasonable price, so, our prices reflect that. Take for example, Attack On Titan. If we sell Levi (a super popular character) for the same price as Sasha (a not so popular character), Levi will be gone in a matter of seconds and we will not make enough money to buy another one to replace it, even after selling Sasha. IF WE SELL SASHA. We will not sell Sasha. And then we have fifty Sashas. It’s a Sasha Tea Party. We don’t write the rules. We just follow them.

Does kanji take commissions?

Yes, Kanji does take commissions. You can follow them on Instagram for regular updates.

Why is this smaller figurine more expensive than the bigger figurine?

This is also a very popular question. In simple terms, bigger doesn’t mean better. ‘A prize’ figures, special editions, cross overs, character tax, limited runs, etc. Can all make a smaller figure more expensive than a normal prize figure and standard run of the mill figure. As an example the smaller ONEPIECE x DRAGONBALL crossover Luffy, holding a dragon ball, is going to be more expensive than the huge BANPRESTO Luffy.


Does it come with the box?

If it is not pictured in the box, it will not come in a box. All boxed figures will be labelled new or used. Used boxes may be dented, dinged, discolored, or punctured in certain places, however, we will list any faults they may have and you can be the judge of whether you can live with that or not. To be honest, I just throw my boxes under a desk when my figures are being displayed and only bring them back out when I am moving. I do not plan on selling my private collection so if I can save a few dollars on a dented box, I will.  

Do you have something from this specific series or nah?

Okay. First off, we have a neato search bar! It’s extremely helpful… or sometimes it isn’t. So, if you have tried searching for a certain series or character and you do not see it anywhere, feel free to contact us and we will consider getting it in, or we can tell you where to get it. If you follow our Newsletter, you will be notified of new item updates. Usually if we do not have something, it is either because it’s obscure, super expensive, or just plain impossible to get. We get all of our items from Japan and if something is popular over there, then we will have to pay an arm and a leg for it— and then it’s no fair to you guys in the end. Woo, anyways, we don’t bite, and I think we can be pretty helpful, so, hit us up if you guys want to see anything added to the shop or you’re just curious as to why we don’t have it.

Is this your personal collection?

We get this question a lot. And it’s usually in person at our booth— where you can see like three of the same figure next to each other. Yes. We personally own three of the same figure.

No. This is not our personal collection. however— this is a mix of several lonely Japanese mens’ personal collections that they decided to part with. These do not go on display at our house. Not enough room and they take five whole hours to set up and five whole hours to break down. We don’t need that during con season. HOWEVER…. If you would like them to have a loving, personal collection touch, we will kiss their head before sending them to you. :)


I would like to take a small bit of the bottom of this page to talk about the Kokichi-Komaeda Dilemma. I think if you have read through the FAQ and enjoyed a little bit of the humor in there, you will enjoy yet another anecdote. This involves a certain set of Cross café exclusive acrylic charms for the Danganronpa series. This was a pretty good set, all of the characters they released for it had cool Matsuri Festival outfits on… The event works like this; you go to Japan, you go to this café, you wait in line because Danganronpa is very popular there (or you pay someone to do it, like we did ;) ) and then you buy these expensive charms BLIND BOX STYLE. So you don’t even know if you got the character you wanted, and keep in mind, there is only a limited amount sold, so, if you didn’t get that certain someone, you are SOL. We pulled a lot that had mostly unpopular characters, plenty of doubles, however, we managed to get the two most sought out for trash lords. Kokichi Ouma and Nagito Komaeda. Looking online, they are well over $100, which is under what we paid for the lot, the other characterswe had won’t cover it, (Try selling Sonya for over 25 dollars, see how that goes for you.) so, we price them at 120 and 80 respectively. Be us, At a convention, we’re all cute and what not, playing store or whatever with our little green dots on everything dictating the prices, when a group of young people approaches us head on, chanting: “THEY HAVE DANGANRONPA.” They looked at our wares, they were sweating, we knew what they wanted— after a few minutes of browsing we gave in, “Who’s your favorite?” we asked, already knowing the answer… we could smell it… it was a smelly smell…. The kind of smelly smell…. That was smelly… “I like Nagito… and Kokichi!! Do you have anything for them?” why yes, we do…. But this has all happened before. We point to the two acrylic charms, they say “We will take them…where are the prices?” We point our boney little fingers at the neon green dots on their bodies, one reading 120 and the other 80. The group of con goers looks us in the eyes and breaks out into a cold sweat, their clammy hands gripping nervously at their wallets, “80 cents, right?….” We solemnly shake our heads, “Dollars.” We see the light leave their eyes as their souls are ripped from their bodies and held captive by two ridiculously expensive charms. Some say their poor ghosts still haunt our inventory today.

Only those who are strong willed, pure of heart and endowed with cash may purchase the legends from the story. Take them off our hands… If you Dare.

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