So you’ve bought a used figurine?

We can help you make them look brand new or help you with future bumps and bruises later down the path.

What to expect when your figure arrives.

When you purchase from us, all items are either marked new or used. Anything that is in a box is usually new unless marked otherwise.We open any and all Figma, Nendoroid, and other multipart figurines to check for missing pieces. We do not open regular boxed figures to check the condition, if there is anything wrong, please check the guide below to determine course of action.  

Unnacceptable damages (undocumented)

  • Breakages

  • Missing pieces

  • Gouges

  • Pieces that do not belong with a certain character, modding.

  • Severe box damage, water, dinging, rips.

  • Wrong figure in boxed figurines. As stated above, we do not open most boxed figurines to keep them in the ‘new’ condition, if they had been opened before, there is a chance that there may be something other than that specific figure in the box. It is not a high chance, and it has not happened yet, however if that is the case we will look into it and offer you the best solution for the situation.

    If you come across any significant undocumented damage please contact us.

Acceptable damages

  • Anything that has been noted in the description of the product listing, regardless of severity. When buying please check the description of items carefully, we will not refund you for a broken arm if the broken arm is noted in the description.

  • Anything marked used may have minor scuffs, have small or non noticeable paint chips, dust, dirt, slight yellowing or discoloration.

  • Manufacturing defects. Normally these will be listed in the description if known about. For more information check the guide below.

  • Boxed items may have small dings, scuffs or scratches on the box, any significant damage to the box will be noted in the description of the item.


figure care mario.png

How to repair damages.

With your host, Mari Ohara.

This is specifically for used figurines, however, this also may be useful for anyone with figurines because who knows if your cat is the devil or not until it happens to knock your $300 limited Dramatical Murder Figurine off the shelf into a pit of action figures with cheap paint, or directly on the floor, or into the fish tank… or maybe it isn’t your cat, and it’s a small child in your life that thinks it would be fun to cut their hair or play with it outside because you looked away for two seconds and thinks that you deserve divine punishment.

go to the hospital mari.png

Oh no! Mari is riddled with problems!

One by one we will go through and tell you the way that we take care of these problems, you’ll be better in no time, Mari.

Dust, dirt and scuffs.

clean that stuff.png

For these types of problems we prefer the handy dandy Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, original without the soap. It’s very good at taking off scuffs caused by figures rubbing against other figures or smudges caused by who knows what. If the smudge is stubborn, try a little bit of water, if it’s still not working for you, try a very small amount of windex or pure rubbing alcohol and rub very lightly, because this could remove the paint and protective coat off your figure. Do not use anything that has acetone in it, it will possibly melt your figure over time. I work with ball jointed dolls and this is true for them as well. If your figure is dusty, you can try just the magic eraser but if that isn’t cutting it you can try rubbing it down with a damp wash cloth. If the dirt or dust is resilient, you may have to break out the toothbrush and give it a gentle scrubbing with unscented soap. You can even give her— or him a little bath, as long as the temperature is low and you give them at least 24 hours to dry, rotating them four times so that all the water can run out.

Broken pieces


Superglue is a friend. You may have to hold the broken piece for a while but once it’s on there, it shouldn’t go anywhere. If there were any cracks left over where it didn’t fit perfectly you can try applying a small bit of air dry clay and letting it dry for the suggested amount of time and sanding it a little with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. After that you can go over it with a matching acrylic paint, Do not use oil paint. To seal the paint wear a respirator and take the figurine into a well ventilated place and spray the area with Mister Super Clear (MSC) or Citadel Purity Seal (clear).

Paint chipping


A paint chip is when the paint wears thin enough that you can see the base color of the figure. Usually this isn’t a big deal, it’s in a spot nobody can see or it’s so small that it doesn’t matter but in the case it’s somewhere like the front of the figure, here’s a good way to fix it. Go over the spot with a Mr.Clean Magic eraser to rough up the spot so that the MSC or the Purity seal will stick. Take the figurine into a well ventilated place and spray the area to protect the figure from staining in case the color isn’t an exact match or if you used the wrong type of paint and to give the area some tooth for the acrylic to stick to. After letting it dry for the recommended time, pick out a matching acrylic paint, Do not use oil paint and carefully go over the area. Let the paint dry and then seal it with two coats of the MSC or Purity seal.



So Yellowing comes from letting your figurines sit in the sun, smoking around them and several other factors. I have heard a rumor that people use hydrogen peroxide to de-yellow vintage figurines by putting the figure or parts that need it in a clear jar filled with hydrogen peroxide for roughly seven days, I am not sure how this would effect these figurines though. So we will have to test it, or if you’re brave enough, be our guest.